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mpleted in Octob▓er,2009 ; Besides the "northern Laos agricultural science and technology demonstration and promotion center" has been officially started in July, 2009."The four parks constructed with the three countrie▓s have displayed different crops accordi

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ng to their different climate characters and national demand." Tao said.The Yunnan ---Siem Reap friendly Agricultu▓ral Science and Technology Demonstration Park focuses ▓on the demonstration of hybrid rice, maize, flowers and fruit garden as a part of the tourism industry, w▓hile the Vietnam-China Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park in BaoShan focus▓es on introducing varieties of tropical f▓ruits in Vietnam to China, such as the mango, grapefruit, guava and other

tropical fruits as well as the insect resistant coffee.In today's pressurised environment, feeling unusually tired is an ▓accepted part of life for many people. But I am ▓confident that improving diet can make a big difference. We eat for a variety of reasons, ranging from hunger to social conditioning. Simple h▓unger is a signal that we need fuel to make energy. Theref▓ore, all eating i

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s actually done to crea▓te energy and help in the repair and renewal of the b▓ody.All nutrients are required to make energy but the process of making the sort of energy that we think we need for things such as moving and ru▓nning is done in the cells, and in this p

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    rocess some ▓nutrients have a more pivotal role t▓han others.There are few, if any, minerals, vitam▓ins, amino acids and essential fats that

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    are not used in creating energy. What we eat and drink is bro▓ken down by the digestive system; nut▓rients and glucose are released and then

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    filtered through membranes into the bl▓oodstream before entering the cells in various forms.It's not just glucose that is requ▓ired but a

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    lso substances such as amino acids and fats. Glucose comes mainly from carbohydrates, while amino acids are found in protein and, lastly, fa

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ts are used, too. All food is broken down in the diges▓tive system and the end-products are separated into their constituent parts for deli

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